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Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are designed to increase the length of your hair by incorporating additional human or synthetic hair. All out hair is of the highest quality from Remi Cachet.

Micro Ring Extensions

Micro ring hair extensions are a long term solution to lengthen your hair, using small rings which clamp around your hair holding firm the tips of the extensions.

As these are connected to your own hair they will grow out with your own hair, requiring little maintenance.

Nano Ring Extensions

Nano ring hair extensions use the same principles as micro ring extensions, the difference being the size of the rings that clamp the extensions to your hair.

Nano rings are 90% smaller than micro extensions, taking up less room and looking more natural with thinner hair.

Tape Extensions

Tape hair extensions use a small line of tape to attach hair wefts to your natural hair, leaving a seamless connection as the tape lays flat against your head.


Weaves uses hair wefts sewn into micro rings attached to natural hair, leaving a flat style without the tight braids associated with other micro ring extensions.


Extensions Extension fitting between £50-£130 plus hair.
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